problems skipping fall HVAC maintenance

Problems With Skipping Fall HVAC Maintenance

With the long Utah summer finally in the rear view mirror and colder temperatures upon us, the current fall season is a vital one for basic inspections, tune-ups and minor repairs for your HVAC system. Failing to maintain your system this fall can have a few negative impacts, while doing so is a low-cost way of avoiding larger concerns.

At Green Line Plumbing, Heating & Air, we’re here to help clients around Herriman, South Jordan, Bluffdale and other parts of Utah with all their HVAC needs, including heating and furnace repair for any time of year – but particularly for this fall period. Here are some of the risks that are present if you skip fall HVAC tune-up, which will double as a simple way of showcasing the value of these seasonal appointments.

Small Repairs Growing

One of the first and most notable risks of skipping fall HVAC maintenance is that small issues will eventually grow into larger ones. This applies to several areas, from basic airflow and efficiency concerns all the way up to motor function and full system failures – there are numerous examples where a small issue in one area can quickly balloon into something more serious if not properly addressed. During our fall maintenance appointments, we perform a variety of basic checks and address any small issues before they become major problems.

Efficiency Concerns

Another risk when you don’t maintain your HVAC system is that it will simply fail to run at peak efficiency levels. This might not seem like a big deal on its own, but over time, this can lead to significant increases on your heating bill each month; in some cases, this can lead to hundreds or even thousands of dollars wasted over a period of years. Our professionals will ensure your system is running at maximum efficiency and that you’re not losing extra money due to poor HVAC maintenance practices.

Warranty Issues

In many cases, HVAC systems come with manufacturer warranties that are quite significant and may cover major system repairs or replacements if needed. However, most of these warranties only remain valid as long as the homeowner is keeping up on basic maintenance needs for the system in question. If you don’t keep maintenance appointments for your HVAC system this fall and a major issue arises later, it’s possible that any potential warranty claims will be denied due to a lack of proper system upkeep.

Safety Concerns

Finally, skipping basic maintenance for your HVAC system can also lead to safety risks in some cases. While this is not common, it’s possible for certain parts of a system that are neglected or ignored over time to become major hazards – and in these cases, you may be liable for damages if something happens and it’s discovered that you failed to maintain the system properly. In particular, if you have gas-powered appliances as part of your HVAC setup, proper maintenance is critical to ensure there are no leaks or other potential fire hazards present. Don’t put yourself or your loved ones at risk by skipping basic fall inspections for your system.

At Green Line Plumbing, Heating & Air, we’re dedicated to helping you avoid all these risks and more by providing top-notch HVAC maintenance services. Reach out for more information on how we can help with your needs around Utah.