signs AC compressor problems

Signs of AC Compressor Problems to Know

A few components play a vital role in your air conditioner’s operations, and one that cannot be overlooked is the compressor. There are a few signs that your compressor might be malfunctioning or experiencing issues, and knowing these is vital so that any such issues can be remedied quickly and effectively.

At Green Line Plumbing, Heating & Air, we’re happy to offer a wide range of air conditioning services to clients around Draper, UT and nearby areas. Here are some basics on what the compressor does for your AC system, plus some indicators that it might be having trouble and what should be done about them.

What the AC Compressor Does

For those unaware of how an air conditioner works, the compressor is a critical component. It’s responsible for compressing the refrigerant your system needs to transfer heat from inside your home and outside of it. Without a functional compressor, your AC won’t be able to cool effectively or efficiently.

Signs of Trouble with Your AC Compressor

You’ll likely notice a few signs if your compressor is experiencing issues, including:

  • Uneven cooling in the home: If your system isn’t cooling your house evenly, it might be a sign that the compressor is failing.
  • Insufficient airflow: Your air conditioner needs to have the right amount of refrigerant and airflow in order to cool effectively. A malfunctioning compressor can cause reduced airflow, making it difficult for your system to do its job properly.
  • Increased humidity: Because of the of airflow, the humidity in home may increase due to poor air circulation. If you begin to notice a spike in humidity, it might be time to have an HVAC technician inspect your compressor for any possible issues.
  • Noisy operation: A noisy AC compressor can indicate the system is working harder than it should or that there’s insufficient refrigerant. Either way, this is a problem that needs immediate attention from an experienced HVAC technician.
  • Ice on evaporator coils: If you see ice building up on your evaporator coils, it could be a sign of compressor failure.

Why Prompt Repairs Are Vital

If you notice any of the issues above, it’s important to call a professional right away. Issues with your compressor can cause serious damage if not addressed promptly and could result in the need for costly repairs or even replacement of the entire AC system.

At Green Line Plumbing, Heating & Air, we understand how much you rely on your air conditioning system to keep your home comfortable. That’s why we offer prompt and reliable AC repair services so you can rest easy knowing your system is in good working order. Contact us today to learn more!